• A joint program with the National Speakers Association

    Communicators increase the impact of their messages by building trust, credibility, and a human connection. While professional speakers focus their craft on developing 30 to 60-minute, highly refined stage presentations, business communicators leverage a broad toolbox to inform, educate and engage audiences.

    During this interactive panel discussion, members of IABC and the National Speakers Association will discuss how they use communication to influence audiences, and what challenges lie ahead from the rising use of artificial intelligence.

    The program will conclude with an exercise in which you’ll mingle with colleagues from your sister organization.

    February 11, 2022

    Noon - 1:00 p.m. Eastern
    Members and Guests of IABC and NSA: $20


    About the Panelists

    Rick_Alcantara_500px.jpg Rick Alcantara is president of Rick Alcantara Consulting and executive communications director for Princeton Strategic Communications. He advises corporate, nonprofit and government clients on public relations, crisis communications, social media and digital marketing. Rick is president-elect of IABC Philadelphia, board member of the IABC Heritage Region, past president of PRSA Philadelphia and a member of PRSA's Counselor's Academy.
    E1883C6A-F0EF-47A9-BD71-AF844D607123.png Elaine Pasqua, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a dynamic nationally recognized keynote speaker and trainer who has transformed the lives of more than half a million people nationwide. She has been helping businesses, colleges, pro athletic teams, and the military increase productivity and retain talent by generating positive choices, healthy communication, and respectful relationships.
    87DA1B23-6824-4D47-8D6C-3084B066A800.png Rod Wallace, PhD, is a consultant and speaker who helps businesses make more money by solving society’s problems. With a unique background combining international business, economics, and technology, Wallace challenges teams to integrate diverse perspectives into a coherent purpose with value for both investors and society.



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  • With many organizations making the move to more permanent hybrid workplace models (with a mix of remote and office-based employees), keeping up with employee engagement can be difficult.

    As communicators strive to engage these diverse workforces, many are turning to digital communication tools as a method to reach employees close and far, wired and unwired, young and old. These systems can become a hub for networking, information sharing, community building and more—but only if they’re founded on a smart content strategy.

    In this webinar, Cheryl Ross, senior project director at Davis & Company, will discuss digital workplace strategies that internal communicators can implement to make sure your employees thrive in this new hybrid workplace.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How you can personalize the intranet experience to boost the employee experience
    • What intranet best practices and strategies should internal communicators implement right now
    • How to leverage modern intranet features to help embed organizational culture throughout your company

    February 16, 2022

    2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern
    Members: $10
    Guest: $20
    Students: $5

    About the Presenter

    CherylRoss_Headshot.jpgCheryl Ross is a Senior Project Director and communicator at Davis & Company, the employee communication experts. She’s also a dreamer, believer in the power of positivity, in-the-car singer and mother to a handsome toy poodle, Chip.

    Cheryl has 15 years of experience helping companies and their employees communicate. Her specialties include managing complex change, planning comprehensive communication programs, supporting leader and manager communication, and weaving stories that make an impact. She’s partnered with global corporations including Avantor, Roche, Prudential Financial and Johnson & Johnson.

    In 2020, Cheryl received an International Association of Business Communicators Heritage Region Silver Quill award for her work with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to audit and refresh its communication system.

    She’s written numerous articles, infographics and blogs on writing, storytelling, simplifying communication and employee engagement, which you can find on her LinkedIn page. And you can see her in Davis & Company’s video, "Got a minute? Writing to capture employees’ attention."

    She’s also facilitated several web workshops on change communication and best practices for employee communication channels. In August she facilitated “Tap into your internal communication skills to build community and bring hybrid teams closer together” for PRSA Connect.

    Cheryl received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and French language from the University of Maryland, College Park. She also holds a citation from the University’s College Park Scholars in the Arts program.

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  • Demystifying Community and Unlocking Its Value

    Marjorie AndersonThe word “community” has found itself woven into strategic conversations in all kinds of industries. From tech companies to nonprofits, leaders are citing community as the way forward to take their businesses into the future. But what does community actually mean and how does it differ from marketing or social media?

    During this podcast Marjorie Anderson will help create clarity around what community is (and isn’t) and the value that it brings.

    Listeners can expect to:

    • Get a clear definition of community
    • Understand how communicating with an audience differs from communicating with a community
    • Understand the value that community unlocks for business, regardless of the industry

    March 17, 2022

    Noon - 1:00 p.m. Eastern
    Members: $10
    Guests: $20
    Students: $5

    About Our Guest

    DSC_3280-Edit.jpgMarjorie Anderson is an experienced community management professional with expertise in building a large global community for associations and plays a leading role in developing Digital Communities at Project Management Institute. She is the Founder of Community by Association, L.L.C. an organization that dually supports community management practitioners in associations and nonprofits and that provides information and resources to these organizations enabling them to build a solid foundation for their community programs. She is skilled at developing cohesive community strategies that connect to organizational goals and consider the full user experience across an organization's digital ecosystem. Marjorie has successfully led efforts to obtain buy-in across the business to highlight the value of the online community program, enabling the creation of holistic programs that connect community members to each other and the products/services within the organization. 

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