The Promise and Perils of AI-Enabled Synthetic Media

Shel_Holtz.jpgDigital innovation -- and especially generative artificial intelligence -- continues to transform the communication landscape. Synthetic media is the latest groundbreaking tool to emerge that presents communicators with both immense potential and significant risks. 

This session explores the dynamic world of synthetic media, focusing on its pivotal role in modern communication strategies. Synthetic media, including AI-generated text, deepfakes, and virtual influencers, offer communicators novel ways to engage with diverse audiences, but it also presents unique challenges that must be carefully navigated.

As communicators in a global landscape, understanding and employing synthetic media can revolutionize how we connect with our audiences. This session delves into how synthetic media can be harnessed to create highly personalized and impactful content, tailored to specific audience segments and even individuals. However, it also underscores the ethical considerations and the importance of maintaining transparency and trust in the age of AI-generated content, as well as the need for vigilance and plans to address synthetic media developed by others that target your organization and its people.

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  • Understanding Synthetic Media: Gain insights into what synthetic media is and its various forms, including AI-generated content, deepfakes, and virtual influencers.
  • Benefits for Communicators: Learn how synthetic media can be integrated into communication strategies to create more engaging, personalized content that resonates with different audience personas.
  • Ethical Considerations and Trust: Explore the ethical implications of using synthetic media, including the importance of transparency and maintaining audience trust in an age where authenticity is often questioned.
  • Risk Management: Understand the potential risks associated with synthetic media, such as misinformation, and how to mitigate these risks in your communication strategy.
  • Practical Applications: Discover real-world examples of synthetic media being used effectively in communication strategies, and how these techniques can be adapted for your organization.
  • Future Outlook: Take a look at the future potential of synthetic media in communication and the evolving landscape of digital media technologies.

About Shel Holtz

Shel Holtz, SCMP, ABC, IABC Fellow, is senior director of communications at Webcor, a commercial general contractor and builder in California. In addition to integrating technology into communications strategies, his expertise includes strategic communications planning, change management, organizational culture/employee experience, business initiatives, and communications research. Before joining Webcor in 2017, he consulted independently for more than 20 years as principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. Earlier in his career, Shel was director of corporate communications for Allergan and Mattel and spent time at two global human resources consulting firms. His first job in the organizational communication field was with ARCO in Los Angeles as an internal communications representative. He has written six communication-themed books and is co-host of the first and longest-running communication-focused podcast, “For Immediate Release,” which debuted in early January 2005. He is a regular speaker globally on topics surrounding the application of online technology to strategic communication. He is a Fellow of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), a Senior Fellow of the Conference Board’s Marketing and Communication Center, and a Founding Research Fellow of the Team Workflow Institute. An IABC member for more than 45 years, Shel spent six years on the International Executive Board and was president of IABC/Los Angeles.


  • May 30, 2024 at 12:00pm – 1pm
  • online
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