Videos & Podcasts

Empowering Voices and Breaking Barriers: Applied DEI Philosophy 

(June 28, 2023) Luke Matthew Ivenson kicked off our forum on inclusive communications by discussing ways to turn your company's DEI commitments into action.


Hands-on AI: Content and Images

(July 19, 2023) Gina Debogovich delivered a presentation on unlocking the true potential of AI in content generation and image creation.


Leverage The Lens: MVP Your VIQ

(May 24, 2023) Kerry Barrett reveals why video is the most effective way to grow your visibility, audience, and personal brand.


How to Make AI Your Friend and Improve Your Communications

(March 25, 2023) Shel Holtz discussed the benefits, challenges and ethics of ChatGPT and generative AI.


Power and Presence: Stepping Up As a Leader in Your Organization

(February 22, 2023) Kathryn Kneller discussed what makes someone a leader and how to craft your personal leadership presence.


How to Prepare for and Deal With a Crisis

(January 19, 2023) Richard Levick, Lynn Perry Wooten and David Klucsik discuss how to plan for, deal with and recover from a business crisis. The program was co-hosted by IABC Philadelphia and IABC New York Tristate.


Automatically Increase Engagement and Response With Behavioral Science

(December 15, 2022) Nancy Harhut joined us to discuss how marketers can leverage behavioral science to drive customer action and loyalty.


How to Communicate About DEI and Social Justice Issues

(September 15, 2022) Kim Clark and Janet Stoval, authors of the book "The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t" joined us to discuss how companies should communicate about DEI and social justice issues.


How to Put Your Network to Work For You

(June 22, 2022) Alyssa Cox discusses how to turn networking into a strategic business asset.


Flip the Script

(May 12, 2022) Author, advocate and speaker Chelsea Austin reveals her story of labels, worthiness and refusing to be boxed in, and teaches us how to Flip the Script to finally realize the success we are meant to achieve!


Flight Lessons: Navigating Through Life's Turbulence and Learning to Fly High

(April 20, 2022) Author, leader and former Navy pilot Captain Barbara Bell, U.S. Navy (ret) discusses her experiences as an aviator and reveals how we can avoid life's turbulence and fly high.


The Power of the Modern intranet to Connect Employees

(February 16, 2022) Cheryl Ross, senior project director at Davis & Company, discusses digital workplace strategies that internal communicators can implement to make sure their employees thrive in this new hybrid workplace.


Copywriting: The Scientific Art of Storytelling

(January 13, 2022) Journalist Justin Quinn discusses best practices for writing as they relate to SEO, copy length, grammar, voice, tone, and how to craft audience-centered communications. The goal is to arm participants with techniques, strategies, and tips that will improve their writing generally and their marketing copywriting specifically.


Inside the Ethical Decision-Making Process

(November 11, 2021) Being able to do your job on camera is the new essential skill. When your job is to get results, there are only three options: inspire, convince and/or persuade. In this session, David Horsewood will explain how to do all three.


Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand

(September 23, 2021) IABC Philadelphia President-Elect Rick Alcantara interviewed Author, podcaster and digital marketing leader Jason Falls about how influencer marketing is passé and why we must replace it with "influence marketing." 


Mastering the Art of Bragging: What Today's Professionals and Other Humble Leaders Must Know

(July 22, 2021) Leadership and career coach Darcy Eikenberg delivered a fun and fast-paced workshop on why communication professionals need to regain the lost skill of bragging and start sharing their success stories more freely.


Surviving a Crisis and Choosing the Right Spokesperson

(June 16, 2021) Media trainer and Emmy Award-winning former newscaster Kerry Barrett discussed why its important to choose the right spokesperson to represent your brand, especially during crisis situations.


What Employees Think of Your Digital Communication

(May 13, 2021) Angela Sinickas, ABC, founder of Sinickas Communications, discussed what employees think of your digital communications and how to measure and improve your messaging.


Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results

(April 7, 2021) Communication consultant, keynote speaker and workshop leader, and bestselling author Rob Biesenbach provides practical strategies to help you become an effective storyteller.



How to Lead During Uncertain Times

(March 10, 2021) Ken Jacobs, principal of Jacobs Consulting and Executive Coaching, discussed ways communicators can inspire their bosses, team members and clients during uncertain times.


Recreating the Water Cooler In Today's Virtual Work Environment

(February 9, 2021) Alyssa Zeff of Davis & Company discussed ways to recreate the spontaneity and creativity that existed when we were all working together in-person.


Making Virtual Town Halls More Engaging

(January 12, 2021). Allison Davis and Jennifer O'Neil discuss ways to turn your town hall into a virtual event that energizes and motivates employees. (Video)



Optimizing your Career in the Midst of COVID-19

(December 1, 2020) Executive coach, author and radio personality Ed Samuels discussed networking do's and don'ts and offered 18 job search/optimization strategies and 10 steps to take in developing a balanced job search strategy. (Click video image)


How to Deliver an Effective Business Podcast

(November 12, 2020) During his online presentation, Steve Lubetkin, managing partner of Lubetkin Media Companies, discussed how to make audio and video podcasts part of your marketing and communications plan. (Video)



Reconnecting in a Politically Charged Media Environment

(October 28, 2020) Danna Young, associate professor at the University of Delaware, delivered a no-holds-barred discussion about politics and communications in a an election year. (Click video image)


What Lies at the Intersection of AI, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications

(Sept. 24, 2020) Economist, author and executive strategist Dr. Rod Wallace discussed what lies at the intersection of corporate social responsibility, artificial intelligence and corporate communications. (Video)



Returning to the Workplace: Communicating Care & Compassion

(Aug. 12, 2020) Marcia O'Connor, CEO and found of the O'Connor Group, discussed the steps businesses and communicators need to take to transition employees from working-at-home to returning to the workplace. (Video)