Top Trends to Electrify Your Employee Engagement

SH_headshot_600px.jpegWhether you’re responsible for the full spectrum of communications functions or exclusively focused on internal audiences, there’s no doubt you’re managing an incredibly challenging landscape. Audiences are inundated with information coming from all directions and there are myriad ways to consume it.

And all the while, some of our most crucial stakeholders – our employees – are increasingly disengaged.

When we distill the dynamics at play, several trends surface that can help us as communicators to have a positive influence as valued, solution-oriented thought partners.

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It’s all about actively studying the members of our organizations, their preferences and challenges and their different perspectives and experiences. It’s about embracing the tools that can help us strike a balance between keeping employees informed and flooding them with so much information they tune out. We must strive to get our messages to employees in a consistent manner with nuance for it to resonate well. We’ve got to refine the way we help today’s deskless workers stay connected to the company’s goals and purpose. We also have to design ways to equip people managers with the skills and methods they need to represent the organization to the employees and employees to the organization.

If you’re lucky, you’ve got a great team of communicators helping your organization and its leaders navigate this reality.

Let’s get together in Philly and talk about how!  

Key takeaways:

  1. Learn how prioritizing and personalizing can help employees take note of, digest and act on important information.
  2. Discover how you can manage the demands on communicators by tapping into tools to help accelerate your work.
  3. Target the unique needs of deskless remote workers and people managers who are often overlooked and under-indexed.
  4. Equip your organization to balance speaking with both unification and nuance.
  5. Explore how the simple act of listening to employees can impact communications and business success.

About Stacey Hajdak, APR

Stacey brings 30 years of experience leading the communications function in corporate roles and teaming up with clients in agency roles.

In-house, she has been responsible for driving the full spectrum of strategic planning and implementation of executive communications, brand positioning, internal communications and employee engagement, customer communications, reputation management, media relations, as well as issue and crisis communications.

Stacey taps this deep experience and perspective for her work serving clients at Ruder Finn. Stacey serves on the leadership team of the newly formed rf.engage Americas, the agency’s Global Center of Excellence for Strategic Internal Communications.

She maintains her APR (Accreditation in Public Relations) designation and earned her master’s in communication management from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. Stacey served for 15 years as an officer in the United States Army Reserve, including several active-duty tours, among them, as a company commander in Iraq. Pushups will be optional!

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