Why AI Makes Cutting Through Content Clutter Even More Crucial

Ann Wylieby Diane Streleckis - There’s no escaping the volume of content coming at each of us every day. And generative artificial intelligence tools are only increasing the amount and making it harder for communication professionals’ messages to get to the top of the pile.

“People receive the equivalent of 174 newspapers every day,” said Ann Wylie, communication leader and founder of Wylie Communications.

As Wylie pointed out, “There’s too much writing out there. ChatGPT has made this problem worse. Multiplication is not the right tool.”

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What Can Communication Professionals Do to Cut Through?

Wylie noted that a third of people credit clutter as the reason they stop reading something. That core principle applies to AI-generated content in the same way it does to human-created content.

“ChatGPT is a terrible writer,” Wylie said. “But it can make you a better writer.”

Tools like ChatGPT, which Wylie says she uses every day, can help boost communication professionals’ productivity. But using it effectively takes more than just putting in prompts.

The best thing any communication professional can do to produce better content is to become a better writer themselves.

“Academics have done research on what makes people read—paragraph length, sentence length, and more. The problem is that, in our business, research stays in the ivory tower,” she said. Wylie has dedicated her career to busting down that ivory tower to help communication professionals know how to keep people reading.

One way to become a better writer? Get practical tips and tools from Ann Wylie at IABC Philadelphia’s virtual event on October 17, 2023, noon-1 pm ET.

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