How to be Your Own Super Hero: Essential Networking and Career Building Strategies

Ken_Sher_Picture_copy.jpegby Katie Quackenboss – In 2024, there will be about four million students graduating from college and entering the job market, myself included. They will need direction and lots of help. The professional world has much to offer, but where do you begin?

Ken Sher, career coach and keynote speaker, is an expert in career success and professional development. He has helped countless people move up in their careers through his T.R.U.S.T. success model and hands-on experience.

Everyone is aware that networking is one of the necessities to landing a job. However, it is not about asking people in your network for a job but rather learning about individuals. “It’s learning about people’s career path, their likes and dislikes about the role/industry they are in, and about getting career advice,” says Sher.

One of the most effective strategies for networking involves looking at the relationships you already have developed, such as friends, parents, classmates, alumni, former colleagues and more. Practicing networking skills and self-assessment is pivotal.

For students uncertain about their career paths, networking remains a guiding light. By initiating conversations, seeking advice, and exploring various industries, you can gain clarity and direction.

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LinkedIn is another way for you to make a name for yourself. Ken suggests using job titles as well as keywords and phrases to stand out to potential employers. Add anything and everything you possibly can, not just professional experience but also your volunteer work and extracurricular activities. The details will not only grab your viewers’ attention but also present you as a well-rounded candidate. LinkedIn is a great career management and job seeking marketing tool and a way to connect with colleagues and supervisors past, present and future. In fact, when writing your marketing piece in the “About” section, write it in the first-person to help you connect with the reader.

Being able to tell stories is the key to success in every interaction with peers as well as potential employers. Ken is adamant about using the STAR method, or his version of the STARS method in the interviewing process. STARS stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result, and So what does this mean. The goal is to explain a situation you have been put in during your career, the task that was handed to you, and how you handled it. The “R” in STARS is about results. It’s very important to present the impact your actions had on the situation. Then, explain why this is beneficial to your interviewer and why you should be chosen as the job candidate. 

Sher wants his clients to understand the value and importance they have to offer. Without confidence and truly being yourself, there will be no success.

Looking for a job is stressful, but it is important to understand that you are good enough. You have paved your road to success and to fully reach it you must identify and embrace your “Superpowers”. These are the things you do that make you stand out from the crowd – the things that you know you do well and that give you confidence. Once you understand this, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

By building a strong network, advertising yourself as a confident individual, and being able to tell good stories, you will have the keys to a successful career.

It is important to remember to take risks. Ken reassured that change is inevitable and it is usually good because whether it’s positive or negative, it gets you to where you need to be. So, lead with your superpowers, be confident, be adaptive and you will do great things as your very own Super hero.


Katie Quackenboss is a senior at Susquehanna University graduating with a degree in communications and a focus on advertising and public relations. She is a member of the women’s lacrosse team, PRSSA, the university radio show, and the president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Katie is driven, enthusiastic, and a hard-working team player who hopes to take these experiences and apply them in her future career.