IABC Guiding Principles for the Ethical Use of AI by Communication Professionals

Screenshot_2024-02-29_at_4.18.29 PM.pngThe following IABC Guiding Principles for the Use of Artificial Intelligence are intended to guide IABC’s members on the relevance of IABC’s Code of Ethics to generative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and similar technologies (AI). These Guiding Principles may be updated from time to time as AI technology advances and are intended to complement the IABC Code of Ethics and other IABC guidelines

IABC AI Principles

  • The AI resources that I use should be human-led to create positive and transparent experiences that bring respect and instill trust in the communication profession. I must remain current on the professional opportunities and risks that AI tools present.
  • I communicate accurate information that is impartial and fair. AI tools may be subject to a wide array of errors, inconsistencies, and other technical issues. This requires human judgment to independently verify that my AI-generated content is accurate, transparent, and not plagiarized.
  • As a communication professional, I comply with legal, regulatory, and corporate governance policies as they pertain to the communication of AI-generated information in the jurisdictions where I operate.
  • I do not use confidential and proprietary information within AI prompts and searches. I protect the personal and/or confidential information of others and will not use this without their permission.
  • I evaluate my AI outputs based on human-led engagement and understanding of the communities I serve. I remove bias to the best of my abilities and am sensitive to others’ cultural values and beliefs.
  • I am responsible for content generated by AI and must independently fact-check and verify my outputs with the necessary professional rigor to ensure that third-party material, information, or references are accurate, have the necessary attribution and clearance, and are sufficiently licensed or have permission for use. I will not attempt to hide or disguise the use of AI in my professional output.
  • I do not use confidential information for AI-generated content. I acknowledge the open-source nature of AI and issues pertaining to confidentiality, including inputting false, deceptive, or misleading information.