IABC Creates U.S. Region, Dissolves Heritage Region

The Heritage, Pacific Plains and Southern regions held their Annual General Meetings (AGM) on 30 April. Delegates from all three regions voted to dissolve their respective region to become one U.S. region. This dissolution also initiates a new, emerging region for members in the Caribbean and Latin America.

iabc.jpegThese changes embrace the Stronger Together vision laid out in IABC’s strategic plan launched in 2021. Many current and former volunteer leaders within the U.S. believe the consolidated region will create more efficiencies in both budget and operations. Most importantly, one region will help create a more consistent member experience.

The new IABC United States region will be launched on 1 July with a board of directors comprised of current and past region leaders. These board members are being appointed through a U.S. region nominations task force. A standard nomination process will resume in the 2025-2026 administrative year.

The call for volunteers is now open to fill the remaining positions on the 2024-2025 region board and committees. All roles are a one-year commitment with the option for a second term. Learn more about these roles on the IABC website. Apply or nominate someone by 12 May.

Region leaders are eager to have a more streamlined governance approach and the ability to drive new activities and programs using our combined resources in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact my regional dues?

The shift to one U.S. region may slightly impact your region dues, though we don’t expect the impact to be more than $10 or $15. Any change to region dues will be communicated to members before the annual renewal period.

Is there anything I need to do?

Your overall experience within a chapter or as a member at large will not be impacted, and you will automatically be placed in the new region in IABC’s system after 1 July.

What do regions do?

Regions have been established to support the chapters while also supporting those that may be members at large through professional development and networking opportunities.

Will this change how my chapter is run?

For those who are volunteer leaders of a U.S. chapter, you will be communicating and working with a region board that is shared by all other U.S. chapter leaders. Members should not see any difference in how their chapter is run.

Why is the transition occuring on 1 July?

1 July is the beginning of the administrative year for much of IABC’s governance.