Part-time writer

The Siemens Healthineers are looking for a part-time writer to join their team.

Communications Professional 4 Job Description (Part Time/20 Hours/Contractual)

Responsbilities include:

* Develops and executes complex communication plans and messaging materials on topics related to business operations, corporate activism and diversity and inclusion.

* Implements communication activities defined in communication plans.

* Contributes to publications, articles etc.

* Monitors communication activities and budget appropriated for activities.

Is expected to adopt existing communications concepts, methodologies, etc. to create new ways of approaching and fulfilling specific communications requests or project requirements, which need senior professional expertise, with extensive knowledge in an area of competence. The ideal candidate will integrate analysis, development, testing and implementation into their communications planning. This individual will also have experience and mastery in communications related to business operations, corporate activism, and diversity and inclusion. They will typically plan their own work according to targets that are mutually agreed upon, within a quarterly or annual cycle, by integrating resources in a project-driven environment. They provide communications consultation, advice and guidance to colleagues and customers. 8-10 years deep professional know-how and experience in a similar role. Transfers and applies know-how to / in various contexts. Solid professional judgment and problem-solving competence. Improves existing processes and approaches.


PA - Malvern - 40 Liberty Boulevard



If interested in applying, contact Bea Aldridge, [email protected]