Navigating the Unseen Roads: A Journey to Personae

By Diane Streleckis - The idea of personas for communication seems simple. You develop a set of profiles, each representing a segment of your audience, then write your materials to the appropriate person. But, of course, the process to create these personae is never simple. And no matter how well you plan, it’s usually full of surprises. Continue reading

4 Keys for Coaching Leaders to Communicate in Today’s Diverse, Complex World

By Diane Streleckis - With the immediacy of social media and the web, the world has become more connected than ever. Yet especially during today’s turbulent times, that connection brings challenges for leaders wanting to get their messages out effectively to employees, clients, and a diverse and at times divided public. Continue reading

Why AI Makes Cutting Through Content Clutter Even More Crucial

by Diane Streleckis - There’s no escaping the volume of content coming at each of us every day. And generative artificial intelligence tools are only increasing the amount and making it harder for communication professionals’ messages to get to the top of the pile. Continue reading

The Building Blocks of a Great Media Appearance

by Diane Streleckis - You’ve nabbed that coveted media spot for your company representative or even yourself. What can you do to make the most of the opportunity—and not go viral for all the wrong reasons? Continue reading

Change Management: Getting Around the New AI-Assisted Workplace

By Diane Streleckis - Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to a workplace near you. It feels like a whole new world. But as Women Conquer Business founder Jen McFarland pointed out, it’s just one of many changes that have remade the landscape of work. Continue reading

Unleash Your Creativity with AI -- Interview With Our July 2023 Speaker

By Diane Streleckis -- Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to do more than simply save communication professionals time or boost productivity—although it can certainly do both those things. Innovation expert Gina Debogovich shared how AI can invigorate your creativity so the messages and experiences you create connect with the people you’re trying to reach. Continue reading

Know the Meaning of Inclusion? (Hint: It’s Not Just Diversity)

by Diane Streleckis - Whether it’s connecting with customers or attracting and keeping the best employees, companies recognize the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their practices and communications. But multiculture communication leader and Socios PR founder Lilly Cortes Wyatt finds that often, people in business miss one key point. “Inclusivity isn’t just about race or gender or sexual orientation. It’s about different worldviews, different backgrounds coming together to tell relevant and authentic stories,” she said. Continue reading

Do You (or Your Leaders) Know the True Meaning of DEI?

By Diane Streleckis - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is the next transformation of business. As with so many water-cooler words, people make assumptions about their meaning. But what happens when those assumptions don’t match others’ meanings? Or if an assumption is off the mark? Continue reading

Toner Receives Bartley Medallion from Villanova School of Business

Cathy J. Toner, JD, Assistant Dean, Villanova School of Business, was chosen to receive the Bartley Medallion for Excellence in Church Management at the Master’s Level from the Villanova School of Business. The Bartley Medallion is awarded annually by the faculty of the school in recognition of outstanding achievement in a specific discipline. It is the highest distinction the school can bestow upon a graduating student and serves as a visible reflection of the significant contribution made by the student to the life of the school community. Continue reading

Maximize Your Video Presence: Lessons from an Emmy-Winning Journalist

by Diane Streleckis - Video is the medium to get your message across these days. That’s why knowing how to be your best self on camera and connect effectively with viewers is a crucial skill for communicators. Continue reading